Are Reduction Ratios Different Between Crushers?

YES! So let’s discuss the three basic types of crushers …and one shredder!

Jaw Crushers:

The typical rule of thumb is 6-8 to 1 reduction. This means a piece of concrete 6” to 8” can be crushed do...

Which is better for topsoil, a Shaker or Trommel Screen?

The question of shaker or trommel for topsoil dates back many years, but over the past two decades the shaker screen category has expanded and trommel screens have changed, so let’s see where they ...

What should I look for in a Compost Turner?

There are many important questions that must be asked in determining the best compost turner for your application, and before you can ask these questions, you must have the following answers to the...

Why Should I Buy a Portable Crusher?

The question is a foggy line and many parameters determine which will be best.

Let’s start off by saying if a customer has one site and they want everything to be stationary then the decision is e...

Are Portable Crushers Better than Stationary Crushers?

This is a loaded question given that the answer depends on your specific operation. GrinderCrusherScreen focuses its efforts on selling new and used, wheeled and track mounted crushers to contracto...

How do I make my Mulch More Consistent?

This is a very common question and is usually in reference to having a spearing issue which makes finished material an inconsistent size or shape. Here are some pointers which will definitely give ...