This is a loaded question given that the answer depends on your specific operation. GrinderCrusherScreen focuses its efforts on selling new and used, wheeled and track mounted crushers to contractors, and we have two different types of customers wanting crushers: Quarries and Contractors (including large and small recycling yards).

Quarries and Large Recycling Yards: Most quarries do have stationary equipment as the material is mined out of a quarry and crushed/screened on-site. These customers normally prefer very large production, stationary equipment that are powered off of shore power. This process is the most economical per ton to process.

Contractors and Recycling Yards: This customer base is normally looking for portable equipment since it offers the option to crush on site or process wherever the opportunity arises. The key is that this equipment is highly portable. The equipment can be up and running within 30 minutes. These crushers are self-contained and do not need shore power.

Among the portable options are two types, track mounted and wheel mounted.

- Track Mounted:

These crushers offer the best mobility on the job site, especially off-road or in “rough conditions”. The disadvantage is in the transportation from site-to-site, as it requires a truck and trailer capable of the weight which adds time and cost for each move off-site.

- Wheel Mounted:

This option is best for the contractor most often on the go, as wheel mounted crushers are typically road-portable, meaning you can tow them from site-to-site saving you the expense of a bigger truck and trailer to haul your machine.

GrinderCrusherScreen is the exclusive Master Distributor for Evortle Crushers in North & South America. Evortle manufactures a small crusher for skid steers and a larger crusher designed to handle a 3 yard bucket. We also are the Master Distributor for Cams Concrete/Asphalt Shredders.

We look forward to discussing your applications so we can offer you the best crushing technology for your application.

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