Ultimate Guide to Equipment Listing

You want to sell your equipment and we want to sell it for you!

Following the guidelines below will help your listings stand out in the market and make it more likely to sell!

Provide Details

If you want to buy a machine yourself imagine what you'd want to know. How many hours are on it? What's the HP/Engine? Has it been well maintained? Are there any repairs or upgrades? Is there any damage or issues? A good description can draw more attention and help the right buyer decide. Keep in mind, the best details are those specific to your machine, not what anyone could find on a brochure for every model.

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 15.20.17.png

Provide Photos

The more the merrier as they say and providing a lot for people to look at can affirm details provided, clarify what might have been mentioned, or show things that can't be explained. Here's some key photos to be sure you have:

  • The WHOLE machine from multiple angles
  • The hour meter
  • The engine
  • The serial plate
  • The tires or tracks
  • The mill (on grinders), the jaw or chamber (on crushers), and so forth
  • Plenty of close-ups of important points (where there is damage or have been repairs)

Examples below (these examples are of shots you should take, but those you provide should be larger or higher resolution)...

Whole Machine...

WM-Seba.jpg WM_PetersonPacific.jpg

Details (Hour Meter, Mill, etc...)

DTLS-HourMeter.jpg DTLS-GrindingMill.jpg DTLS-CrushingChamber.jpg

Provide Video

  • First and foremost, if you use a phone or tablet to record, hold it horizontally (on it's side) for a "wide-screen" style video. This works best across a wide variety of devices trying to view them.
  • Film it running, film it working (when possible). Walk arounds of an idling machine are OK, but seeing the equipment in action is far better.

Price It Well

To be blunt, you shouldn't expect to get retail price for used equipment. The market is also ever changing. If you want or need top dollar, you may be waiting some time for the right buyer willing to pay it, if it ever sells at all. If you want to move it quick and price it accordingly then our professionals can handle the rest. Even if you do low-ball your price, it's usually a lot better than going to auction and getting even less.

Now You're Ready to List!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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