This is a very common question and is usually in reference to having a spearing issue which makes finished material an inconsistent size or shape. Here are some pointers which will definitely give you a more consistent product.

- Inspect your rotor/mill area and screen to make sure there are no gaps that will allow the material to bypass the mill.


- Make sure your screens and anvils are tight to the machine so material must go through the screen of the grinder.


- If the above two points are good, another common problem is that the grinder is not properly fed. You must not let the grinder mill or screen be empty or low on material as this definitely will create spearing. Keep the mill full of material but not overfed and never allow it to run empty except when preparing to shut down the grinder.


- Use the proper size and shape of screen in your grinder. Screens holes can be made to size and with hex, square, slotted, or round holes. The most important thing to realize is that the open area determines production, so a 2” round screen has significantly less open area than a 2” hex, therefore your material will be finer and production may be 30% less.


- Another factor that contributes to spearing is that the grinding tips are wore down to a point that the distance from the screen to the tip is excessive. Change your tips regularly as they wear to help prevent this.


- If none of the tips above work, modify your screens to have a baffle. This will definitely help minimizing spearing. This may or may not be an option depending on the manufacturer of your grinder since you must be able to install the screens without the baffles hitting the framework of the screen guides.


- A last recommendation is to feed your ground material into a helix style trommel screen which will remove the spears from your material. This extra piece of equipment will accomplish your goal but adds an extra expense to do so.

A consistent material is key to keeping your customers happy, and GrinderCrusherScreen can definitely help you achieve it.

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