An Impact Crusher is a commonly sold machine for reducing concrete, asphalt, block, brick, and soft rock. They have a high-speed rotor with hammers (Blow Bars) that hit the material to achieve product reduction. The blow bars throw the material toward steel aprons that additionally yield product reduction. Impact crushers yield the most product reduction compared to other crushing technologies with many advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Impact Crushers

- This technology can yield a reduction of 12-15 to 1 which is the greatest in the crusher category.

- They can process asphalt and softer materials that jaws and cones cannot.

Disadvantages of Impact Crushers

- This type of crusher is high wear and requires blow bars to be replaced on a regular basis. The cost per ton is considerably higher to operate than other technologies.

- Impact crushers create considerably more dust than other technologies.

Impact crushers are a very popular style of crusher, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the best crusher for your particular application.

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