GrinderCrusherScreen Inc. is proud to announce the addition of a new Series of Wood Grinder Tips/Inserts.

The “OEM Plus” Series of wood grinder tips were developed to complement our already successful Hammerhead Wood Grinder Tips. For years we have provided customers with the highest quality carbide tips on the market and we intend on continuing to do so.

Our “Hammerhead” Tip has the most carbide in the industry and as a result last the longest, many customers though have requested that GrinderCrusherScreen manufacture an inexpensive tip to compete with the OEM’s and we have refused to do so considering such tips usually have very little carbide and wear out quickly; however, after a great deal of work, we have developed a comparably priced tip/insert that exceeds the OEM Standards!

Welcome to OEM Plus!

We are rolling out the first phase of this new product with tips/inserts that fit primarily Morbark, Diamond Z, and Vermeer grinders, followed by a full inventory of OEM Plus tips for most brands of horizontal and tub grinders in the coming months.

GrinderCrusherScreen would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and as you can see, we are listening. We are not expecting anyone currently using Hammerhead Tips to change over to OEM Plus as they realize the quality that they are receiving. We are expecting the customers who purchase OEM tips and aftermarket tips to give us a try and are confident that they will see our pricing to be aggressive and quality of tip superior to their current vendor.

To learn more about OEM+ and other grinder tips we offer, see our Grinder Tips page