GrinderCrusherScreen was the first company to introduce small crushers into the US Market almost 20 years ago.

Small/Mini Crushers are still relatively new to the US market, but have been very popular in Europe for considerably longer. One must understand that in Europe, space very restricted so tipping fees at landfills are extremely expensive. These high fees are the reason why Europeans started recycling construction site waste. Small/Mini crushers are extremely popular because the jobsites in Europe are typically small and many are too small to support a large crusher; therefore, small crushers became the norm for these sites.

The US Market is slightly behind Europe in that regard, but the small crushers have become extremely popular in recent years. The most popular application for them in the US is to recycle concrete. Many concrete contractors remove existing driveways and parking lots and replace them with newer surfaces. It only makes sense to crush the concrete on site and use the crushed concrete as base material, minimizing the amount of material that needs trucked to the site. There are huge savings in bringing a small crusher to the site compared to hauling off the concrete and bringing in truckloads of gravel.

Another key reason why the US market has gained momentum with small crushers is that the government has become stricter on illegal dumping. Additionally, our landfill tipping fees have increased drastically resulting in greater savings by recycling rather than dumping.

If you ask a customer who owns a small crusher, they will unanimously say, “It makes no sense to pay to haul your concrete to a recycling yard, pay them a tipping fee, and then pay to haul back crushed material.” I can crush the material myself and save the trucking costs, fuel costs, and money by not needing additional trucks and drivers. Even minimize the risk of having a driver on the road.”

You can call these crusher small, compact, mini, or micro, but their popularity is growing daily. Being the industry leader for small crushers, GrinderCrusherScreen offers a variety of them, new & used, and we will be happy to listen and recommend the best crusher for your specific application. 

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