GrinderCrusherScreen is home to Experienced Industry Professionals!

Right here! Our equipment salesmen have an average of 37 years’ experience each, not combined. That means our salesmen are seasoned and have been around the block and will answer your questions accurately and honestly. GrinderCrusherScreen was founded by the same professionals that bring you Screen USA, which has been in business since 1973, so we are well educated on the majority of equipment in the market today.

GrinderCrusherScreen is Committed in the Industry

Unlike some fly-by-night competitors, you can find us at many tradeshows such as Con Expo and get honest answers face-to-face. At ConExpo 2023, we were reminded of the misleading information given out by some competitors. It is extremely frustrating when a customer says, “Brand X” has a jaw crusher that can process 70 TPH”, why does yours only crush 35-40 TPH?” ...How do you say nicely, that “Brand X” is lying to you, and that it actually crushes 30 TPH?

There are also two relatively new companies selling crushers and screeners that claim to have huge sales, service depos everywhere, offices in many locations, and be major players in North America... We know these claims are garbage even the best equipment couldn’t recycle, but did you? Why did they not have a booth in the largest tradeshow in North America (ConExpo) if they are such players?

GrinderCrusherScreen is Established in the Industry

The point here is to do your homework. Do not believe everything you hear. Do your research so you do not become a statistic. We’re backed by 50 years in the industry and would love to do business with you, but even if we do not, we sincerely wish you don’t have to learn the hard way, the things we already know.